Wednesday, 13 April 2011

snoring.. em.. xsuke nye...

hyeeeeeeee.. korang ade masalah dengkur tak? tadi lin nk check email.. then ade la article pasal dengkur nie kat yahoo.. bagus la article nie.. lin rase la kan.. lin tak de lagi masalah dengkur nie.. haha xtau la pulak.. time tido kan mane sedar.. lin ade pengalaman pasal dengkur nie.. satu hari tu.. lin tido ngn mak.. bawah ketiak mak.. hahaha mengade la tu lin tu.. then waktu tido tu.. lin rase tak best sangat.. bising la u ollss.. then bukak mate.. tengok tengok mak dengkur rupenye.. ok latu.. continue tido la.. tapi tak dapat.. bising sangat.. lebih hebat dari tv yang dah takde siaran.. sumpah! bising.. hahaha. then lin kejut la umi..
lin: umi.. umi.. ooo umi
umi: hah... ape die..
lin: umi tu kuat nye dengkur...
umi: bile nye.. (dengan suara yang agak kuat) marah la tu org kaco die tido
aik... aku yang dengar die cakap tak lak.. pas tu.. bunyi.. dak beransur slow.. lin pom continue la tido dengan bangganya..

 so.. sekarang.. lin nk share la 5 tips yang nk prevent masalah dengkur nie..

Prevention's Quick Fix: The 5 Best home remedies for snoring

Snoring isn’t just a nighttime annoyance; it can be a serious health issue, disrupting normal sleeping patterns and disturbing partners as they try to sleep through the noise. Snoring affects more than 90 million adults and their partners. One British survey found that if your spouse snores, by your 50th wedding anniversary you'll have lost about 4 years' worth of sleep.

Besides just feeling tired all the time, people who don't get enough sleep can develop memory and mood problems; they're even at a greater risk of car accidents. Moderate snorers include people who snore every night, but perhaps only when on their backs or only for part of the night. Heavy snorers should see a doctor to make sure they don't have a serious sleeping disorder called sleep apnea.

For light or moderate snorers, here are home remedies that can help you—and your partner—sleep better.
1) A Tennis Ball
If you snore mostly when on your back, put a tennis ball in a shirt pocket cut from an old T-shirt and sew it to the mid-back of your tight pajama top. The discomfort forces you to roll over and sleep on your side, without waking you up. Expert: Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, a board-certified internist and medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers

2) Extra Pillows
Try propping your head up with an extra pillow to stop snoring. This opens your airway more, which prevents the back of the throat from collapsing and causing snoring. You can also raise the head of your bed by putting a couple of bricks under the legs of your bed, for example. Expert: Philip Westbrook, MD, founder and former director of the Sleep Disorders Center at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, former president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and former editor of the journalSleep Medicine Reviews

3) A Humidifier
If a cold or congestion is behind your snoring, one way to unstuff your nose is to run a humidifier in your bedroom at night. This encourages your sinuses to drain, shrinking nasal mucous and improving airflow to reduce snoring. Smearing some Vicks VapoRub on your chest at night will help open your nasal passages too, easing your snoring. Expert: James Herdegen, MD, medical director of the Sleep Science Center at the University of Illinois

4) Nasal Strips
If you snore but don't have underlying sinus problems or coughing, you can relieve some of the snoring by wearing an OTC nasal strip, such as Breathe Right. These adhesive strips pull open the nasal passages so they're less narrow, giving you better airflow. Expert: James Herdegen, MD, medical director of the Sleep Science Center at the University of Illinois

5) Mouth Guard
A mandibular advancement device, also known as an oral appliance, is shaped like a mouth guard for you to wear at night. It helps keep the lower jaw pushed out, widening the airway and reducing snoring. Studies show it is 90% effective at reducing noise from snoring. It costs $500 to $1,000 and lasts for at least 3 years. Your dentist can fit you for one. For a less expensive option, you can buy an OTC device called a snore guard. You boil it and then fit it into your mouth to create an impression of your teeth and dental structure. The goal is the same: to bring your lower jaw forward a bit to make the back of your throat less crowded. Expert: James Herdegen, MD, medical director of the Sleep Science Center at the University of Illinois


  1. some people says.. snoring ni cause letih sgt~ sharing my info dear~

  2. yup.. btol tue.. tapi bnyak gak penyebab nye.. lagi satu punca die yg laen yg lin tau..masalah pernafasan...